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Among the different messenger applications available for mobile devices, whatsapp is a messenger tool that has become popular the world over. It allows several convenient functions to the users. Not only can one send across text messages through a chat platform but one can also send across multimedia messages and files.

download whatsappHowever, the internet connection of the phone or device needs to be kept on. The tool is available for download on iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices and Blackberry among others.

The process of downloading WhatsApp in any mobile device is an easy one.

  • For iPhones, one needs to visit the App Store on iTunes. Here one can click on the search icon. The tool will easily appear as it is one of the popular applications that are downloaded. Once the WhatsApp Messenger application is located you can click on the same. You will find the details as well as description of the app displayed in the subsequent page. The application remains free for use as of now. Once these details are verified, one can click on the icon to download or install the app. You need to wait for the app to be downloaded. Once the download is over, you can start using the app. To more information, visit this article that explain how install whatsapp in iPhone mobile and download free.
  • For downloading the WhatsApp Messenger in your Android device, you need to get started by finding the app in the Google Play store. Ensure that you are logged in and your credentials linked on the Play Store with a valid Google account. By searching for the messenger, you will easily find the app. Click on the app and check the app description and details provided. When you click on install, you will be asked to check the terms and conditions and accept the same. When the download starts, you will find a blue bar showing the download progress. The speed will depend on your mobile’s data or internet connection. After the installation is complete, you will find the app icon on your smartphone or device screen. You can then set up your account by opening up the app.

download whatsapp free

For downloading WhatsApp Messenger in your Blackberry device, you need to access the Blackberry world.

  • You would need to type in the login ID and password to enter the website. Here you can search for whatsapp free messenger app. Once you have found the same and clicked on installation, the app will be sent to your device for download.
  • With respect to the Windows phones and devices, the app can be found through the Marketplace. Here you will find WhatsApp through the app section. Once you click on the same, it will get downloaded and installed on the device.

For using the app, it is necessary to enter the phone number you wish to associate with the messenger service. The contacts on your phone get synced on the app automatically. You can place a profile photo and change certain settings like notifications and privacy features any time while using the service.

Whatsapp Free Download

WhatsApp is an ad-free mobile messaging application, which allows users to exchange text and media messages using their Internet data plan or using Wi-Fi. SMS service is free for the users. WhatsApp avoids advertising, and hence users have better messaging experience. Smartphone users can download the software and enjoy a one-year trial option for free. After the trial period, there is a $0.99 subscription fee to use WhatsApp.

whatsapp download free

You can get WhatsApp downloaded free of cost from its website or from the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace. Follow the prompts given on the screen to make a WhatsApp account that will get linked to your phone number, allow WhatsApp to sync with the contacts in the phone to message to the people with simple steps and you are ready to use it.

Once you enter into your account, you will be able to see the people in your contact list who already have WhatsApp account, on the “Favorites” option. This list will help you to know who has WhatsApp. If you find this list too cluttered or inconvenient to access the frequent contacts, you can edit the list.

If you want to clear the list, you can tap the “Delete All” option in the top left corner, start creating new Read More…

Whatsapp Plus Download

Whatsapp is the popular messaging application used by people all over the world. Whatsapp plus is an unofficial version which provides even better user experience without any disturbance caused by the ads. You can find free download whatsapp plus to use in smart phones.

whatsapp plus download

There are certain limitations in the original Whatsapp which makes Whatsapp plus a better option for Smartphone users. The user will not be able to add new messaging techniques and change the visual aspects of the message such as color, size, etc. in whatsapp, whereas Whatsapp plus allows the user to change the color and the size of the messages and helps to send large video and audio files by increasing the media upload limit.

Whatsapp plus is a modified version of the Whatsapp and it offers improved quality of the pictures sent, and the user can add pictures of people in the contact list to the chat. It improves the privacy of the user by Read More…

Whatsapp Download for iPhone

The cross platform messaging has never got such an importance as it is getting now and the most popular among many cross platform mobile messaging app is WhatsApp. This app does not support iOS and Android devices that are other than mobile phones. So, you do not have the access to directly download and use the Whatsapp messenger app on your tablet or iPad or iPod touch. But, there is a way you can make use of the Whatsapp messaging app on your Apple tablet, and the best thing is that you also do not need to jailbreak your iOS device to get the app downloaded to your device.

whatsapp for iphone

Installing WhatsApp on iPhone and Samsung Phone

Go to Google Play Store from your Samsung phone, search for the Whatsapp messenger app, tap on it to download the app and then install it on your phone by following the instructions given during the installation process. If you are using an iPhone, then visit the iTunes App Store, search WhatsApp messenger, download it and follow the installation process to install the app on your iPhone.

Installing WhatsApp on iOS Device

There is an easy way to get a fully functional Whatsapp messaging app on your iOS device like iPad or iPod touch. You will just need a computer, access to an iPhone for some time and Read More…

Whatsapp for Android

Whatsapp is the software application, which provides the users the easiest and cheapest option to chat with friends. It is possible to use Whatsapp on Android and Windows phone. There are free downloads available from different sites to install Whatsapp on Android or Windows phones easily. Whether you are using Android and your friend is using Windows Phone, you will be able to communicate through messages and chat with WhatsApp installed in both phones for hours together using the internet data plans on the phones.

whatsapp download for android

If you do not have WhatsApp download on your Windows phone or Android phone, then follow this guide given below to get the Whatsapp free messaging app on your phone.

Download and Install WhatsApp on Windows Phone

Go to the Windows Phone store on your phone, locate WhatsApp and download the app on your Windows phone. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, look for it and then tap on the app to install it on your phone. You should follow the prompts the shows up on your screen properly to install Whatsapp on your windows phone. After the installation process is complete and you are notified about it, tap on Whatsapp to open the application. You will see a list of ‘terms and conditions’ pop up on your screen instantly. Tap on the Agree option in order to proceed to the next step. The next step, you  will be prompted to enter your country code and then your mobile phone number, which is done so that you  will be getting a verification code sent to  your phone, either through SMS or voice call. This is the code that you need to use to verify WhatsApp and to start using the Whatsapp on your Windows Phone. All you need is Read More…

Whatsapp Troubleshooting for iPhone

Whatsapp is one of the most powerful and popular mobile messenger apps that you will ever come across that works pretty well on all kinds of mobile phone platforms, which is used to stay connected with your friends and contacts on your phone through text and voice messages without spending a penny for any SMS. It is really rare that you might not be able to send or receive messages, photos, and videos or are unable to connect to WhatsApp messenger app from your Smartphone.

whatsapp problems

One of the main reasons why you are sometimes not able to connect to WhatsApp messenger or are not able to use it for a few seconds or minutes is because of the problem of your internet connection on your phone or the wireless carrier problem or problems with your internet service provider. If you are facing any such connection issues with your iPhone when connecting to WhatsApp messenger app, then you can resolve the same following basic troubleshooting tips.

  • The first and foremost thing is to make sure that you are using the latest version of the WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone, if not try to download the new version of the WhatsApp messenger from the Apple iTunes app store.
  • Now restart the phone by holding the On/Off button until you see a “slide to power off” option displayed on your screen. Once it appears, slide to power of your mobile, then press On/Off button once again to turn your phone to switch on.
  • Go to phone settings on your iPhone, turn the Airplane mode to ON and then turn it OFF.
  • Now tap on Phone Settings, then General option, Reset and then tap on the ‘Reset Network Settings’ option. By doing this, all your saved Wi-Fi passwords on your phone will be erased.
  • Delete the WhatsApp that is there in your iPhone and reinstall the new version. If you have important chats in Whatsapp, then make sure that you create a backup of important chats before erasing it.
  • Now, upgrade your iPhone’s iOS to the latest version for the iPhone, which you are using to ensure that Whatsapp functions on your iPhone without any problem.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

If you are using an unlocked iPhone, you need to adjust the APN settings on your iPhone for the SIM card that you are using. This can be done by contacting your mobile service provider and getting the details and instructions on how to change the APN settings on your phone to suit the SIM card that you use on your phone.

If you are connecting your phone on a corporate or campus Wi-Fi with firewall restrictions, then contact the network administrator to help you access WhatsApp on such Wi-Fi networks. There are few places where you might come across captive Wi-Fi networks. If you have trouble connecting to such Wi-Fi networks, that you do not use commonly, then make sure you open a new web page in Safari browser, visit any website and make sure that you are logged in and have access to an internet connection.

Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Whatsapp is one of the most accepted mobile messaging apps, which offers fierce competition to other messaging and SMS services like WeChat, Viber, Skype, etc. It is widely accepted due to the many features that make sure users have an easy, fast, secure and practical messaging service. Here are some tips and tricks to use the app and to get maximum and safe utilization of the features of Whatsapp.


Hiding “Last Seen” time stamp

“Last seen” timestamp feature in Whatsapp informs other users about the last time you appeared on WhatsApp. Many users may want to disable this feature, for certain privacy reasons. It is possible to disable “last seen” timestamp on both iOS and Android devices.

If you are having iOS device, all you need to do is go to the Settings and select Chat Settings, then select the ‘Advanced’ option and turn off Last Seen Timestamp. If you are using an Android phone, it is not possible to access the settings from the app. You need to use third party software like Hide whatsapp status to disable the Wi-Fi or data connection whenever you are using Whatsapp.  Your Wi-Fi and data connections get reactivated when Read More…