Enjoy Instant Sharing With WhatsApp For Blackberry

There are many applications that allow Smartphone users to chat and send free texts. However, WhatsApp is the most popular application that has created lot of hype. The features you find in WhatsApp are not available in many other phone applications. Instant sharing is one of the major features of this application. You can share pictures and live videos using this amazing software. WhatsApp developers have released several versions of this application. Hence, when you are downloading this application you need to find a version which is suitable for your device and your operating system.

blackberry whatsapp

WhatsApp Download For Blackberry

If you have a BlackBerry phone you can definitely use WhatsApp. You need to search online for ‘WhatsApp download for BlackBerry’. This will take you to links that share the right version of WhatsApp which is compatible with your phone. For using WhatsApp you need a BlackBerry OS 4.6 or above. Similarly, you would need BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) or BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service) on your BlackBerry phone. It would be better if you use your special BlackBerry browser to locate your WhatsApp application. For this you need to visit your Browser Configuration and change your browser identification to BlackBerry. Do not forget to refresh the page after changing the settings.

Special Features

WhatsApp is a unique messenger that has several interesting features and options. It is basically a chat messenger that allows the users to chat with their friends. If your friends are offline it shows the time at which they were last seen. Likewise, it allows the users to leave voice messages for their friends who are offline. Its instant sharing features are quite useful and rather popular among its users. Apart from sharing pictures the users can also share live videos. The application also allows you to check the location of your friends. There aren’t many applications that contain a combination of all these cool features.

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