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Most of the applications and software created for modern cell phones are related with sharing and communication. People like to keep in touch with their close ones and they would love to do it for free. Nowadays, telecom companies and software developers are trying hard to provide cost-effective communication that allows quick and instant sharing. With the advent of mobile applications the traditional means of texting and messaging are replaced by newer ones that allow faster and easy sharing. WhatsApp is one of the best examples that offer quick and easy sharing in return for a very low fee.

whatsapp free download

WhatsApp Download Free 

WhatsApp is a popular messenger that allows you to share text, audio and video messages. It also allows the user to share photographs. As of now, the application is available for free download. If you search online for WhatsApp download you will be able to find a long list of links that allow you to download this application. However, you should select the links carefully. Not all the links you find in Google are safe. When you are downloading WhatsApp you should be careful about downloading the right version. Different versions of this application are available and you should choose the right one depending on your device.

Major Features

WhatsApp free messenger (free for one year) that you can download from the internet. However, after a year’s use you would have to pay a small amount for running the software. If you are using an iPhone you can download it from your App store. Alternatively, you can search online for “WhatsApp download free”. Instantaneous sharing is one of the major features of this application. You can share videos in the real-time. Likewise, you can share pictures just after you take them with your mobile camera. Such features have made this application quite popular among the new generation.

WhatsApp Free Download for Android

There was a time when having a mobile phone was the best means to stay connected with your friends and relatives. However, with the advent of applications like Twitter people are getting used to the habit of getting back-to-back updates about the events and incidents happening in the lives of their friends and closed ones. This has led to the development of several applications and software systems that allow people to stay in touch with their friends without spending any money. Nowadays, most of the applications and messengers are rated on the basis of their sharing capacity and usability. In this context, WhatsApp for android is one of the most successful applications that has an incredible growth rate.

whatsapp for android

WhatsApp Download For Android

WhatsApp is a common application used by Android phone users. This application allows the users to share photos and messages. You can download WhatsApp for your android device from different sources. However, before you download, it is important to check certain basic requirements. In order to install WhatsApp you would need an OS 2.1 or above. If your android version is below 2.1 you need to upgrade. Likewise you would need an unlimited internet plan. Only then you will be able to use your WhatsApp 24×7. You can search online for ‘WhatsApp download for Android’.There are many sites that offer WhatsApp for android.

Customizing WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be customized by installing WhatsApp Plus, which is a modified version developed by Rafalense. In order to use this version you need to uninstall your current application. This version will allow you to transfer music files and to create your own themes. You can also modify your picture quality by using this version. Before you install this version you need to backup your conversations. You should also enable ‘unknown sources’ in order to use this customized version.

Enhance your connectivity with WhatsApp Mobile Application

Hundreds of applications are developed every year for new generation mobile phones. Download WhatsApp is one such application that has acquired worldwide fame. The application allows the users to send text and voice messages for free. It also enables the user to share live videos. The application can perform a wide range of functions that are essential for instant communication and sharing. The application also has a user-friendly interface that allows easy and quick sharing of text and audio messages. You can also share photographs, with your friends, just after you click them using your mobile.

whatsapp for iphone download

WhatsApp Download For iPhone

WhatsApp is available for various platforms. This includes BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Symbian. If you are looking for this application for your iPhone, you need to search for the right version. You can also download it from your App store. Visit your App Store and search for the latest version of WhatsApp which is compatible with your iPhone. You can also Google for ‘WhatsApp download for iPhone’ and get the list of sites that offer this program. Once you find the program you need to download it onto your iphone and install it. The installation is quite simple and once you are done you can straight away start adding your friends onto your new WhatsApp.

Additional Features

WhatsApp free has several attractive features that make it a highly useful product for your phone. Apart from sending text and audio messages you can use this application to share details about your location. The application makes use of integrated mapping features to identify the location of its users. This is a great feature that allows you to keep a track of your closed ones. You can also modify the features of your WhatsApp by installing a modified version called WhatsApp Plus. In addition to this, there are many tips and tricks that can make your WhatsApp more interesting and useful.

Get Updated With WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger that allows you to keep in touch with other WhatsApp users. The application is a great means to stay connected with the world around you. As of today, every individual who has a Smartphone makes use of WhatsApp or a similar application that offers free text messaging and associated features. Although WhatsApp was originally developed as an iPhone application, it was eventually made available for various platforms including Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and WhatsApp for PC. It can also be used on an android tablet or an iPad.

whatsapp for tablet

WhatsApp Download For Tablet

If you are having an android tablet you can definitely install WhatsApp on it. Firstly, you need to find the right version of this application. Search online for ‘WhatsApp download for tablet’. This will leave you with a list of links that contains the latest version of WhatsApp. Next, you need to download the WhatsApp.apk file. Once you get it you need to store the apk file in your tablet’s internal storage. Next, you should go to the Android Settings App. Under this option you should select Security. Locate the device administrators tab and then activate the option, ‘Unknown Sources’. Now run the apk file and complete the installation process and you can get started with your WhatsApp.

Instant Sharing Features

WhatsApp is a chat messenger that has several additional features. Most of the features allow the users to share different types of files with their friends. Instant photo sharing is one of the major features that allow the users to share pictures as soon as they are taken. This feature has made WhatsApp the most useful mobile application available in the market. Likewise, you can also share live videos with your friends. Video sharing is an enhanced feature that you would rarely find in a chat messenger. All this has converted WhatsApp into a popular mobile messenger.

Enjoy Instant Sharing With WhatsApp For Blackberry

There are many applications that allow Smartphone users to chat and send free texts. However, WhatsApp is the most popular application that has created lot of hype. The features you find in WhatsApp are not available in many other phone applications. Instant sharing is one of the major features of this application. You can share pictures and live videos using this amazing software. WhatsApp developers have released several versions of this application. Hence, when you are downloading this application you need to find a version which is suitable for your device and your operating system.

blackberry whatsapp

WhatsApp Download For Blackberry

If you have a BlackBerry phone you can definitely use WhatsApp. You need to search online for ‘WhatsApp download for BlackBerry’. This will take you to links that share the right version of WhatsApp which is compatible with your phone. For using WhatsApp you need a BlackBerry OS 4.6 or above. Similarly, you would need BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) or BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service) on your BlackBerry phone. It would be better if you use your special BlackBerry browser to locate your WhatsApp application. For this you need to visit your Browser Configuration and change your browser identification to BlackBerry. Do not forget to refresh the page after changing the settings.

Special Features

WhatsApp is a unique messenger that has several interesting features and options. It is basically a chat messenger that allows the users to chat with their friends. If your friends are offline it shows the time at which they were last seen. Likewise, it allows the users to leave voice messages for their friends who are offline. Its instant sharing features are quite useful and rather popular among its users. Apart from sharing pictures the users can also share live videos. The application also allows you to check the location of your friends. There aren’t many applications that contain a combination of all these cool features.

Get Instant Connectivity With WhatsApp For PC

There are many applications that can play the role of a messenger; however, you need something that can deliver utmost speed and user-friendliness. WhatsApp is one such application that guarantees quick and easy sharing. It is a small program that allows you to chat with your friends whenever they are online. Primarily, the application was created for mobile phones. Nevertheless, it is now available for multiple platforms including PCs. The application has several notable features that make it the best messenger available in the market. As of April 2014, the applications have around 500 million users.

whatsapp pc

WhatApp Download For PC

WhatsApp was originally developed as a mobile application. However, owing to its popularity the developers released several versions of this application. And now you can have this cool application on your PC as well. You can find several links to this application by searching online for ‘WhatsApp download for PC. However, you might need an android emulator to install this software onto your computer. There are several android emulators available in the internet and you can download them for free. Once you install them you can search for WhatsApp and get it downloaded for your PC.

Best Features

WhatsApp is one of the best chat messengers available in the market. It doesn’t contain any ads and this makes it quite easy to use. Messengers containing ads often tend to slow down your phone or PC. WhatsApp allow you to share live videos. The videos you shoot using your phone or your webcam can be directly shared with your friends. This is a special feature that may not be available in case of other chat messengers. WhatsApp also helps you to find the location of your friends. This is a great feature that can help you in different ways. If you have this application on your phone, it would help your family members to keep a track of your location.

Enhance your WhatsApp experience with special Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is one of the most used cross-platform messenger that allows the users to chat and send messages to their friends. The messenger can be freely downloaded and installed. After a period of one year the user needs to pay a small amount for continuing its usage. Apart from sending text messages the users can send voice messages to their friends who are offline. The application can also be used for sharing videos and photographs. All these facilities and features have made the application quite popular among the Smartphone users. Owing to its popularity the developers of WhatsApp has released several versions of this application that can be used on various platforms like Android, Symbian, iOS, BlackBerry, PC etc.

whatsapp tricks and tips

Popular WhatsApp Tricks

Over the past 2 years WhatsApp has achieved unmatchable popularity. This has encouraged people to develop various tips and tricks to make the application more interesting. People have devised various ways to trick WhatsApp users by modifying some of the special features of this application. Hiding the last seen timestamp is one such trick. With the use of certain advanced settings you can hide your last seen time from your friends. Likewise, you can disable the auto image downloading which can be annoying at times. There are many such WhatsApp tricks and tips that are useful as well as interesting.

Spying On Other Users

The popularity of WhatsApp has prompted people to develop certain tricks that enable them to spy on other WhatsApp users. Whenever a WhatsApp account is made it takes into account the MAC address of your device. Every device has a unique MAC address, and hence, you won’t be able to use the same WhatsApp account on two different devices. However, there are certain tricks that enable you to achieve the same MAC address on more than one device. Similarly, there are certain spying applications that can help you to spy on other WhatsApp users’ accounts.