Whatsapp for Android

Whatsapp is the software application, which provides the users the easiest and cheapest option to chat with friends. It is possible to use Whatsapp on Android and Windows phone. There are free downloads available from different sites to install Whatsapp on Android or Windows phones easily. Whether you are using Android and your friend is using Windows Phone, you will be able to communicate through messages and chat with WhatsApp installed in both phones for hours together using the internet data plans on the phones.

whatsapp download for android

If you do not have WhatsApp download on your Windows phone or Android phone, then follow this guide given below to get the Whatsapp free messaging app on your phone.

Download and Install WhatsApp on Windows Phone

Go to the Windows Phone store on your phone, locate WhatsApp and download the app on your Windows phone. Once you have downloaded the app on your phone, look for it and then tap on the app to install it on your phone. You should follow the prompts the shows up on your screen properly to install Whatsapp on your windows phone. After the installation process is complete and you are notified about it, tap on Whatsapp to open the application. You will see a list of ‘terms and conditions’ pop up on your screen instantly. Tap on the Agree option in order to proceed to the next step. The next step, you  will be prompted to enter your country code and then your mobile phone number, which is done so that you  will be getting a verification code sent to  your phone, either through SMS or voice call. This is the code that you need to use to verify WhatsApp and to start using the Whatsapp on your Windows Phone. All you need is to enter the verification code you receive as an SMS in the appropriate field and tap on enter. Now, you are ready to use Whatsapp and chat with your friends, business contacts, business groups, family members and relatives.

Download and Install Whatsapp on Android Phone

Unfortunately, the WhatsApp messaging app can only be used on Android Smartphones and cannot be used on any other Android devices officially. You need to first download the Whatsapp messaging app on your Android phone to start using the app. This can be done by tapping on the Google Play Store in your phone, tap on ‘Search” icon in the Play Store, type “Whatsapp” in the search field and then click on the search icon. The phone will start searching and provide you with a list of Whatsapp application in the search result. Tap on ‘Whatsapp messenger” and click on ‘Install’ option on the landing page. You will be prompted by the App Permissions screen and you just need to click on “Accept” option to commence the download of Whatsapp on the phone. Once downloaded, click on the WhatsApp you have in your apps section and follow the prompts to install the app on your phone. Next, you need to enter your phone number when prompted to complete the verification process, and then you can start using WhatsApp on your Android phone.

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