Whatsapp Download for iPhone

The cross platform messaging has never got such an importance as it is getting now and the most popular among many cross platform mobile messaging app is WhatsApp. This app does not support iOS and Android devices that are other than mobile phones. So, you do not have the access to directly download and use the Whatsapp messenger app on your tablet or iPad or iPod touch. But, there is a way you can make use of the Whatsapp messaging app on your Apple tablet, and the best thing is that you also do not need to jailbreak your iOS device to get the app downloaded to your device.

whatsapp for iphone

Installing WhatsApp on iPhone and Samsung Phone

Go to Google Play Store from your Samsung phone, search for the Whatsapp messenger app, tap on it to download the app and then install it on your phone by following the instructions given during the installation process. If you are using an iPhone, then visit the iTunes App Store, search WhatsApp messenger, download it and follow the installation process to install the app on your iPhone.

Installing WhatsApp on iOS Device

There is an easy way to get a fully functional Whatsapp messaging app on your iOS device like iPad or iPod touch. You will just need a computer, access to an iPhone for some time and of course an iOS device like iPad.

  • You will have to do the installation of Whatsapp on your iOS device in an old fashioned way as it cannot be done directly on an iPad. You can use your Mac or PC, go to iTunes website, visit the iTunes store, type WhatsApp messenger in the search field and click on the search icon.
  • You will find the Whatsapp Messenger app displayed in the search result, click on it and you will be taken to a link where you will find Whatsapp messenger on the iPhone apps list and not under iPad.
  • Click the free iPhone version, enter the password and download the same on your computer.
  • Now go to Home, click on Music, click on iTunes, then iTunes media, mobile applications and locate whatsapp.ipa file and drag it to place it on your desktop for later use.
  • Next step is to connect iPad to your PC or Mac and open the iFunbox on your iPad. If you do not have it, download it from i-funbox.com for free, making sure you download the latest version for the platform of your choice.
  • Start it up and click on install app, locate the downloaded.ipa file on the desktop and click on it and Whatsapp messenger will get installed.
  • Now using the iPhone, download the WhatsApp messenger on the iPhone and use your phone number to register for a Whatsapp account, verify it with a text message or phone call verification to activate your new account.
  • Now, plug the iPhone onto the desktop, go to user application on a PC, go to WhatsApp, copy library and documents to the desktop, unplug iPhone and plug back the iPad.
  • Open user application on the iPad, go to WhatsApp application and replace the documents and library in it with the one copied to your desktop.
  • Disconnect the iPad from a PC and WhatsApp would be ready to be used on your iOS device.

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