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There was a time when having a mobile phone was the best means to stay connected with your friends and relatives. However, with the advent of applications like Twitter people are getting used to the habit of getting back-to-back updates about the events and incidents happening in the lives of their friends and closed ones. This has led to the development of several applications and software systems that allow people to stay in touch with their friends without spending any money. Nowadays, most of the applications and messengers are rated on the basis of their sharing capacity and usability. In this context, WhatsApp for android is one of the most successful applications that has an incredible growth rate.

whatsapp for android

WhatsApp Download For Android

WhatsApp is a common application used by Android phone users. This application allows the users to share photos and messages. You can download WhatsApp for your android device from different sources. However, before you download, it is important to check certain basic requirements. In order to install WhatsApp you would need an OS 2.1 or above. If your android version is below 2.1 you need to upgrade. Likewise you would need an unlimited internet plan. Only then you will be able to use your WhatsApp 24×7. You can search online for ‘WhatsApp download for Android’.There are many sites that offer WhatsApp for android.

Customizing WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be customized by installing WhatsApp Plus, which is a modified version developed by Rafalense. In order to use this version you need to uninstall your current application. This version will allow you to transfer music files and to create your own themes. You can also modify your picture quality by using this version. Before you install this version you need to backup your conversations. You should also enable ‘unknown sources’ in order to use this customized version.

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