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Most of the applications and software created for modern cell phones are related with sharing and communication. People like to keep in touch with their close ones and they would love to do it for free. Nowadays, telecom companies and software developers are trying hard to provide cost-effective communication that allows quick and instant sharing. With the advent of mobile applications the traditional means of texting and messaging are replaced by newer ones that allow faster and easy sharing. WhatsApp is one of the best examples that offer quick and easy sharing in return for a very low fee.

whatsapp free download

WhatsApp Download Free 

WhatsApp is a popular messenger that allows you to share text, audio and video messages. It also allows the user to share photographs. As of now, the application is available for free download. If you search online for WhatsApp download you will be able to find a long list of links that allow you to download this application. However, you should select the links carefully. Not all the links you find in Google are safe. When you are downloading WhatsApp you should be careful about downloading the right version. Different versions of this application are available and you should choose the right one depending on your device.

Major Features

WhatsApp free messenger (free for one year) that you can download from the internet. However, after a year’s use you would have to pay a small amount for running the software. If you are using an iPhone you can download it from your App store. Alternatively, you can search online for “WhatsApp download free”. Instantaneous sharing is one of the major features of this application. You can share videos in the real-time. Likewise, you can share pictures just after you take them with your mobile camera. Such features have made this application quite popular among the new generation.

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