Whatsapp Plus Download

Whatsapp is the popular messaging application used by people all over the world. Whatsapp plus is an unofficial version which provides even better user experience without any disturbance caused by the ads. You can find free download whatsapp plus to use in smart phones.

whatsapp plus download

There are certain limitations in the original Whatsapp which makes Whatsapp plus a better option for Smartphone users. The user will not be able to add new messaging techniques and change the visual aspects of the message such as color, size, etc. in whatsapp, whereas Whatsapp plus allows the user to change the color and the size of the messages and helps to send large video and audio files by increasing the media upload limit.

Whatsapp plus is a modified version of the Whatsapp and it offers improved quality of the pictures sent, and the user can add pictures of people in the contact list to the chat. It improves the privacy of the user by providing the “hide Profile” feature.

whatsapp plusWhatsapp plus is very easy to use when compared to the original as it has viewer themes integrated into it and has the download manager. The user can apply the themes by browsing the themes provided. You will have access to lots of different ‘emoticons’ to express all your feelings and emotions to the person you are communicating with.

Another major feature which improves the privacy is that, it is possible to use the plus application in the offline mode, without making others in the contact list know that you are using the application.

To access Whatsapp plus, you need to open the options in WhatsApp and select the ‘PLUS’ option. Once you install the improved version, you will be able change the values ​​and select the appropriate ones and can further personalize the conversations with each member in the contact list. The auto update option allows you to get the latest version of the software. You can also find the different versions of Whatsapp plus, by visiting the official website of whatsapp plus.

Whatsapp plus is a customized APK file and it will not be available on the Google Play Store. There are many other websites which offer free download of WhatsApp plus application on your Smartphone but if you want the official app whatsapp in this article we show how downloaded

The requirement needed for downloading the Whatsapp plus APK is similar to that of the original WhatsApp. It is not necessary that you have the original version of WhatsApp installed on your Smartphone to download the unofficial version. The installation of the application by using the APK file needs the activation of “Unknown sources” option within Settings>Applications.

Currently, WhatsApp plus is compatible with almost all types of mobile operating systems available in the market: Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and Symbian. Whatsapp plus is available in different languages such as Spanish, Swedish, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, Danish, German, Portuguese and Romanian for the convenience of the users worldwide.

Just get the latest version of the Whatsapp Plus software downloaded and installed on your Smartphone to enjoy the aesthetic improvement and functionality offered by it.

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